The IPG Laser Cube is a high precision fiber driven laser machine for small and medium parts. Linear motors mean accuracy of + or - .001, with a .0002 repeatability, power ranges from 500 to 6000 watts.

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IPG Laser Cube is available with a full range of IPG resonators, from the QCW450/4500 W thru the IPG YLS 4000 watt.

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The IPG Laser is available with optional pallet changer and Robotic Load-Unload systems. Capability options include Rotary Chuck, Vision System for combo parts, and Marking Head.

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Small Parts Made Easy

The IPG Laser Cube, priced between $200,000 (500 W) and $300,000 (4 KW) is especially suited for production of small parts. High accuracy linear drives position within .001, repeat to within .0002, and have no mechanical wearable parts ! No rack and pinion or ball screws to wear. Built around a 4 x 4 travel area the IPG Laser Cube is designed for easy hand loading and can be positioned next to other machines, such as turrets and bigger format Co2 lasers.  Optional cost effective Vision Registration System makes combo punch-formed-laser parts easy to do as well as laser cutting Metal Printed Parts. Users include many Metal Screen Printers. Rotary axis available in 2017.



Make A Part on the Laser Cube ..

The IPG Laser Cube can make a variety of high accuracy parts. If you are looking to make parts, contract parts, or investigate if the machine makes sense then take the next step and contact us.  We will get you the information you need.